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If you're finding it difficult to keep up with your mortgage payments and are struggling to clear mortgage arrears then we at Elite Property buyers can help.

At Elite Property Buyers, we have multiple solutions to help sellers with their situations and consider ourselves as more than just cash buyers of property.

If you need to stop paying the mortgage because you're experiencing some difficulties, then we can help you stop paying your mortgage in as little as 7 days.

Let me show you how this worked for one of our sellers:

We had a couple in Barnsley that came to Elite Property Buyers looking for help as they were struggling to keep up with their monthly mortgage payments.

To make matters worse they were struggling to pay for a house that they both no longer wanted!

The property also had very little equity in it and despite the sellers reducing the asking price consecutive times with the estate agent they still received no offers and had to in the meantime continue to struggle paying the mortgage.

The sellers told us that they felt trapped in a property that they had simply lost heart in and despite contacting several other estate agents and online cash buying companies they still could not find a solution to help them move on.

We presented the sellers with an alternative solution. We agreed to buy their property in the future at a fixed price agreed at the outset. In the meantime we agreed to pay their mortgage every month as well as maintain the property just until it became viable for us to buy it in the future once the market value had risen sufficiently.

This enabled the sellers to move out of the property and allowed them to move on to new and better things without the burden of being tied to a property that they no longer could afford and no longer wanted.

Once the market value of the property had risen sufficiently over time we were then in a position to buy it from the sellers at the already agreed price which is exactly what we did.

Best of all it cost the sellers absolutely nothing as we paid for all their solicitor fees too.

Therefore, if you're struggling to keep up with your mortgage payments on a house you no longer want and are unable to reduce the asking price as their is little or no equity in the property, then please contact us today and
complete the form to the right and let's see what Elite Property Buyers can do for you.

This option would suit the following situations:

-     If you have mortgage arrears or are facing repossession.

-     You need to move on immediately without further mortgage   

-     There is little or no equity in your property.
-     You do not need a large lump sum of cash immediately to move 

-     You wish to secure a price that is close to today’s full market price
       regardless of the state of the housing market in the future.
Sell your house in Barnsley to Elite Property Buyers and receive the following Benefits:
No Estate Agent Fees.
No Solicitor Fees.
No Broken Chains.
No Delays.
Completion To Suit You.
Any Condition.
Confidentiality Guaranteed.
Solutions For Every Situation.
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"Are You Struggling To Pay Your Mortgage Every Month?"
Angela Schofield
Brampton, Barnsley
"It's been a real struggle for me and my husband. We were so overjoyed when Joel sorted all our financial issues by buying our house in Barnsley FAST. Within a few weeks all our problems went away. Thanks a million Joel."
Please complete the form on the right for a Quick Preliminary Offer
or call our Barnsley number on
01226 416 780 (24 hours)
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