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Q:     How do I get Started?

A:     Getting started is easy.....just complete the online form to the right and a member of our dedicated team will contact you ASAP to discuss your needs.

Q:     Are there really no fees to pay at all?

A:     That's right. No fees to pay at all! However, should you accept our offer and decide to withdraw AFTER we have paid for a survey and solicitor fees then you would be required to cover both of these costs. Sound fair enough?

Q:     How long does it actually take?

A:     We aim to complete in a time scale to suit your needs but the time frame from start to finish is usually between 4-6 weeks although we can complete sooner if required.

Q:     If I ask for a quote for my house what obligations am I under?

A:     You are under no obligation whatsoever to take our provisional offer.

Q:     Do you pay full market value?

A:     Our service is aimed at people who need to move on with their lives quickly for one reason or another and cannot wait around for the process of estate agents, viewings and delayed/broken chains.

We will offer our very best price, which is usually less than market value and we then swiftly move straight to exchange and completion at a speed to suit you - no putting up with people trekking through your house, no waiting to see if a buyer can get a mortgage and best of all no broken chains!

The reduction in the market value allows for our costs in buying the property from you and selling it on again (solicitor fees, searches, surveys, advertising, any refurbishments, and paying for the property until sold again). As local investors we of course will also want to achieve a small profit on the deal too.

Q:     Is the condition of the property important?

A:     No not at all. In fact, we absolutely love buying properties that require renovation as we can quite often add value to them. We have our own team of trades people who carry out the work for us so it's not a problem if the property is in a poor condition.

Q:     Do you carry out a survey?

A:     We do instruct, at our cost not yours, an independant valuer/surveyor to come and inspect the property to confirm its market value and to make sure that it is structurally sound.    

Q:     Does anybody have to know about the sale?

A:     No, everything is completely confidential. There are no For Sale boards outside or anything like that. In fact, no one would even know that you've sold it!

Q:     I'm in no real rush to sell my property so should I contact you?

A:     We mainly focus our efforts on helping those that really do NEED a quick sale due to perhaps repossession, financial worries etc. However, please still contact us as we can still help you.

Q:     I know somebody that wants to sell. Is there any reward for putting them in touch with you?

A:     Absolutely! If you know anybody that NEEDS to sell their property quickly please let us know as we will pay you a referral fee of 250 should we buy their property.

Q:     Which areas do you buy in?

A:     We are local property investors that mainly buy in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. However, we do indeed have investors across the UK seeking properties for investment.

Sell your house in Barnsley to Elite Property Buyers and receive the following Benefits:
No Estate Agent Fees.
No Solicitor Fees.
No Broken Chains.
No Delays.
Completion To Suit You.
Any Condition.
Confidentiality Guaranteed.
Solutions For Every Situation.
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Angela Schofield
Brampton, Barnsley
"It's been a real struggle for me and my husband. We were so overjoyed when Joel sorted all our financial issues by buying our house in Barnsley FAST. Within a few weeks all our problems went away. Thanks a million Joel."
Please complete the form above for a Quick Preliminary Offer
or call our Barnsley number on
01226 416 780 (24 hours)
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