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There is one phrase guaranteed to strike fear into the heart of anyone trying to sell a house: the dreaded broken chain.

Many of our customers have experienced the dreaded broken chain scenario and have often wasted many months of their time dealing with potential buyers that had failed to buy their home as they themselves were stuck in a chain.

This is a very common scenario faced by many buyers and sellers who are stuck in a chain. If you are in a chain and if any part of the chain is broken, your sale will fall through and you will ultimately lose your goal of perhaps buying e.g. that dream home or moving abroad.

If time is of the essence, and you don't want to lose that dream home or you need that quick sale for various other reasons then you really cannot afford to sell it through an estate agent.

Dealing with an estate agent can all too easily get on top of you:

-     If your estate agent finds you a buyer, you will need to wait a few 
       months for the buyer to arrange a mortgage…

-     If the buyer is in a chain, you will need to wait for their home to 
       sell before yours can be purchased…

-     If the buyer’s chain breaks or they are unable to get a mortgage 
       (which is now very common), you have to start all over again

This process commonly takes many months of stress and hassle and explains very clearly why our service is consistently in high demand from homeowners across Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

If Time Is Of The Essence, You MUST Ask Yourself This Question…

“What is the best possible way for me to get in touch with a serious, qualified and experienced buyer that isn't part of a chain and that can provide me with a quick and easy sale of my property?”

The surest way to sell your property quickly is to sell it for cash to someone that isn't stuck in a chain and that company is Elite Property Buyers.

At Elite Property Buyers, we can buy your property in a timescale to suit you. There is no hassle and no fuss. You will receive an offer within 48 hours just after one viewing. This offer guarantees a completion within 28 days or any day that suits you.

To get started please submit your details by
completing the form to the right and let us remove the hassles and strains of being stuck in a dreaded chain.

P.S.     I do not know how many weeks or months you've spent trying to sell your home, but every single day you wait is costing you unnecessary expenses, slowly eroding the precious income you worked so hard to earn.

Your home is your most valuable asset. Sell it as an asset, before it slowly becomes a liability.

We can help to get you moving so please 
complete the form to the right today while this is still fresh in your mind!
Sell your house in Barnsley to Elite Property Buyers and receive the following Benefits:
No Estate Agent Fees.
No Solicitor Fees.
No Broken Chains.
No Delays.
Completion To Suit You.
Any Condition.
Confidentiality Guaranteed.
Solutions For Every Situation.
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"Did You Lose Your Dream Home Because The Sale Of Your House Fell Through?"
Michael Mason
Smithies, Barnsley
Please complete the form above for a Quick Preliminary Offer
or call our Barnsley number on
01226 416 780 (24 hours)
"We found our dream home but struggled to sell our existing house as our buyer needed to sell theirs first. Having waited almost 4 months we eventually came across this website and made an online enquiry. Within 48 hours we received a fair offer and sold within 28 days which enabled us to buy our dream home. Thanks to Joel & the team at Elite Property Buyers."
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